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Announcing Cornwall Mind Firewalk 2023!

Enjoy our Firewalk video – courtesy of Martyn Selley at Global Vision 3D.

What an incredible night! We are absolutely blown away by our first Firewalk event!
Thank you so much to everyone involved for making this such a special night.
A huge thank you to all the incredible Firewalk supporters! Your cheering and clapping helped create the most magnificent atmosphere, and your donations have exceeded any expectations!
Heartfelt thanks and congratulations to all our brave Firewalkers! We really enjoyed meeting everyone, our first face to face event after over 2 years and wow…talk about “back with a bang!” You have raised over £8000 for better mental health in Cornwall and every penny raised from this event will directly help to fund our wellbeing groups and services. We won’t give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets support and respect, and your contributions help us be here for anyone that needs us, so huge thanks to our fantastic community!
We are very excited to announce, that because our Firewalk was so successful, and because we keep getting asked – we are planning our next Firewalk for 2023!!!!
Register your interest below using the simple form, and be the first to know all the details once everything is confirmed.  

Cornwall Mind Firewalk 2022

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