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Brother Sea supporting Cornwall Mind

Brother Sea are releasing their single ’September’ on Saturday (24th October) alongside a sold out, socially distanced gig at St Endellion Church. As the gig is sold out they are going to live stream the evening and give £3 from every ticket sold to Cornwall Mind. The event is also being hosted by Dan Pascoe of BBC Radio Cornwall. The reason Brother Sea wanted to support Cornwall Mind as a charity is that even over the last 3 weeks, Kris from Brother Sea, has attended two memorials for people who have sadly taken their own lives, both only 26 years old. Also, the song September, was written by Kris while he was struggling with his own mental health difficulties and the song is a reflection of his heart’s cry and discovering hope and restoration in the month of September.  Tickets are available from the Brother Sea Facebook page: www.facebook.com/events/410066833323314Or from the website Moment House: www.momenthouse.com/co/brother-sea-show–single-launch?Here’s a little info about the band and the song… Brother Sea:Brother Sea are a South West based, Celtic-folk band that bring together the acclaimed duo Harbottle & Jonas, award winning songwriters Kris Lannen and Richard Trethewey, and the haunting tones of Annie Baylis. Their music is that of departure, adventure and new beginnings, sweeping you away with a sense of boldness and innocence, with hypnotic vocals accompanied by classic folk instruments. Brother Sea create a sense of awe and intrigue with songs like campfire stories,  exploring heritage and folklore, as they gently flicker through captivating soundscapes.  KRIS LANNEN / LEAD VOCAL / ACOUSTIC GUITARRICHARD TRETHEWEY / VOCAL / FIDDLEFREYA HARBOTTLE / VOCAL / CONCERTINA DAVID HARBOTTLE / VOCAL / BANJOANNIE BAYLIS / VOCAL / FIDDLEHENRY CAVENDER / DRUMSCALUM INGRAM / CELLOJOSH BEST-SHAW / RECORDING & PRODUCTION September:Cornwall, or Kernow, with it’s wild moorlands, exposed granite cliffs and wave drenched sands, is a land of legend and folklore that has captivated and drawn people with it’s magic for centuries, to wonder and create their own tales upon it’s shores. It’s hard not to feel a deep resonance with nature and the seasons in Cornwall, yet with our modern ways and the exponential rise in tourism, this land is understandably bustling during the summer months which can feel disorientating and like we may have wandered from the ancient and less trodden path. But September’s restorative caress always comes around and is a month that many who live in Cornwall, and perhaps even the land herself, long for. The air and sea are still warm, the holiday crowds start to thin a little, and there is excitement of reconnection in the first autumn swells…  “If Fleetwood Mac had grown up on a pirate ship they’d sound like this.” – Ed Leigh / Presenter BBC SKI SUNDAY 

“A confluence of the old and the new. Intricate guitars, yearning lyrics, soaring strings, a beautiful harmony of passionate voices and I am transported to rolling hills, limestone cliffs, an angry ocean. This is what music is meant to make us feel, so very full.” – Joel McKerrow / Poet & Author Of Woven

“Beginning with a delicate but driving blend of acoustic fingerpicking and bowed strings, Brother Sea’s September places poetic lyricism atop a richly organic, harmonic bed, in an endlessly engaging piece of Celtic Indie Folk!  Viscerally impactful lead vocals are accompanied by emotionally salient harmonies as September progresses, culminating in a brilliant dance between dynamically earthen grooves and immersive, intimate sonic spaces.”– John Wright / Artist PR

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