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Creative Minds Blog

Our Creative Minds workshop was a great success with lovely feedback from all involved!

This is a blog from one of our attendees.

It was with a mixture of anticipation and trepidation that six of us arrived at the Penryn office of Cornwall Mind to take part in the “Creative Minds” workshop – I don’t think we had any idea what this would involve but we need not have worried!

We were introduced to Anne Taylor, a local author and facilitator, who explained that we would be under no obligation to share what we had written (unless we wanted to) and that we could contribute as much or as little as felt right for us. In other words: no pressure!

We started off by writing a few sentences about ourselves, even comparing ourselves to a landscape; this was a different way of thinking about how we perceived ourselves providing insight in a more abstract way.  On hearing what the other participants shared about themselves I could sense a little more of their individuality.  We spent the next 2 hours exploring, in writing, thoughts of ourselves in a non-threatening way.  To end the first session each person wrote down a few of the feelings or thoughts they had experienced at the beginning of the workshop.  To our amazement, when we put the pieces together in a totally random way, they made a great piece of spoken word, reflecting how we had been feeling in anonymity yet together finding common ground.

The Creative Minds Workshop was a great introduction to writing down personal thoughts in a more free-flowing way and provided the opportunity to share them with the group if we so wished.  We formed a supportive, cohesive group and it felt safe to share under the guidance of our facilitator, Anne.

If any further sessions are arranged please feel encouraged to attend, they are an opportunity to explore different ways of observing ourselves in a non-judgemental and enjoyable way.


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