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Member's work

We are delighted to share some of the brilliant work from our online Creative Writing Group.

From then to now and beyond

The orange flowered Buddleia

Complete with Peacock Butterflies

Rests in the little green glass jar of 

Yesterday, with the hint of a 

Crossword clue, not yet solved.

I look at it, and remember.

I wonder what sixteen down is?

I will pack it all in my luggage,

As I travel out to sea.




Awarded second prize in the Lisa Thomas prize in the South West Division of the Royal College of Psychiatrists Poetry Competition


What does happiness smell like?

Freshly cut grass in a familiar space.

Who cuts the grass?

It must be my turn by now.

What does gratitude feel like?

A relieved sigh.

How does it show itself?

The relaxing of aching muscles.

What does kindness sound like?

A quiet thank you, when someone holds open a door.

How does it reply?

A simple ‘You’re welcome’.



Happiness……a ‘senses’ reflection

What makes me happy?

….the sight of my grand-daughters coming through the arrivals terminal ready for a holiday with us on the croft – my wee family is here;

….the sound of singing in the car as we make our long journey across glens, lochs and hills towards our Highland home;

….the smell of the flowers, lingering in the gloamin’ as we arrive, that we have planted together in our rocky garden;

….the taste of their baking attempts made at the kitchen table as we share them hot from the oven with Grandpa;

….the special touch from them both as they bid us goodbye;

….I wonder what makes them happy – will it include me, Grandpa and our Scottish home?



My Magic Box

The coolness of granite
Low on the beach

The sun as it sets
Through empty branches

The softness of cashmere
Warm and light

The grey scent of rain
Seconds before deluge

Memories chosen
Absent spaces
Sealed with love.

My box is plain
Elm with steel nails
Pulled on an empty cart
With Iron rimmed wheels.

By a horse heavy with fringed feet
Nostrils blowing steam.



I prefer

I prefer the sound of silence

I prefer being a useful part

I prefer chaos more than happiness

I prefer not taking sides

I prefer to be honest and realistic

I prefer the smell of scented daffodils

I prefer an open heart

I prefer to see comfort as a luxury

I prefer making something from nothing

I prefer showing my true colours

I prefer looking inside from the outside

I prefer to be nourished within soul and body

I prefer to find what can never be found.






I wanted to

I wanted to write a poem,

With words that didn’t rhyme.

I pored over the blank page,

I had planned every line.

I wanted to write a poem,

With words that didn’t rhyme.

I tried to put down Orange,

But my fingers put down Lime.

I wanted to write a poem,

With words that didn’t rhyme.

I had all planned out,

I got it wrong again this time.

One day I’ll write that poem,

With words that do not rhyme.

I’ll delete, and cut and paste it,

Just because I’m able……



My Garden

Full of life and fresh air

Scents to be found here and there

Raised beds and ordered rambling

Feeling the grass beneath my naked feet

Enjoying the open seclusion 

Ordered growth and sporadic nature

I have a rambling path under my giant fir

I like my wilderness part even more

Peaceful place, good for rumination and wounded thoughts.




sunlight is a joy

a stream of happy gold beams

strikes through lattice leaves


we went for a walk

then we all came home again

and huddled the fire


our dog doesn’t bark

he uses telepathy

to get what he needs.



I prefer

I prefer quiet to noise.

I prefer isolation to crowds.
I prefer sitting in a garden to sitting on the beach.

I prefer walking to swimming.

I prefer audio books to reading a book.

I prefer pictures to words.

I prefer drawing rather than painting, portraits rather than landscapes or seascapes.

I prefer cats to humans, sometimes.
I prefer talking to someone, sometimes.

I prefer truth rather than white lies.

I prefer rock music to pop music.

I prefer the colour blue.

I prefer early mornings.

I prefer winters evening.

There are many things that I prefer, too many to mention here.

I prefer to remain hopeful that things will change.



When I look in the mirror who do I see? 

Not the person I used to be.

I see somebody who’s losing light in her soul,

somebody who’s struggling to take control.

So much pain withering inside.

Emotions so difficult to hide.

Some days I struggle to cope

holding on to little hope.

Hoping one day there’s a little bit of light.

Even just a glimmer – it doesn’t have to be bright.

I’m trying to be the strongest I can be.

But I just feel like I’m losing me.

I try so hard I really do.

But it’s difficult with everything I’ve been through.

I know life throws hurdles at us all.

It’s about how to recover after such a hard fall.

There have been times when I’ve not wanted to live anymore. 

But I’m stronger than I give myself credit for.

With all my might I’m holding on 

because I know I’d be missed if I was gone.

I will get stronger just wait and see

Because I know there’s somebody stronger deep inside of me.



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