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Home This Christmas

Now more than ever, many feel isolated. Help us show people that they don’t have to be alone this holiday season.

The lead-up to Christmas can be one of the hardest and loneliest times of the year for many people, including those spending time in hospital. Not knowing whether or not you will be able to go home for the holidays is a very real worry.

That’s what inspired 18-year-old Riley Jayne to write ‘Home This Christmas’, an inspiring song which seeks to show people that they are not alone — there is support out there, and you do not have to go through challenges such as these on your own.

Now more than ever, the feelings of isolation and loneliness — even feeling like a prisoner in your own home — are ones with which more of us can relate. And with the NHS and other key workers risking their health on a daily basis to help others, the question of being home for Christmas is worrying even more of us than usual. We all want to be ‘Home This Christmas’.

Help us lift spirits this Christmas

Cornwall Mind, in conjunction with our colleagues at Devon Mind is proud to launch the Home This Christmas video. We are working closely with Riley Jayne and video production company Hill Tribe Media and they have produced this amazing music video for ‘Home This Christmas’, to raise funds for both local charities.

Through the song and accompanying music video, Riley Jayne hopes to capture “The beauty, strength and support of family and caregivers,” which can be crucial in tackling the sadness and isolation that often comes with spending time in hospital. We hope that the video can show people that they are not alone during this crucial time.

Speaking about the song, a spokesperson for the singer explained: “Riley Jayne’s inspiration for ‘Home This Christmas’ came during a stay in a mental health hospital, where she found herself staring out of a window, waiting for a visit and wondering if she would be home for the holidays. This song is also very relevant today, and will resonate with everyone affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are incredibly excited to be able to share the official music video for Riley Jayne’s moving original song, ‘Home This Christmas’! 

To donate please visit https://homethischristmas.co.uk/


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