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Making a difference

It’s great to link in with other local businesses. Oak & Maple, based in Newquay, are fundraising for us through the sale of their delicious Lemon-aid.

“Our Lemon-aid range is a healthier twist to the classic lemonade you’ll see on the supermarket shelves. For one… they’re not carbonated, and secondly… they’re actually good for you! We’ve loaded each one with a delicious and wide range of nourishing ingredients which will keep your body fuelled and hydrated.⁠⠀

To add to their benefits, we have also paired each Lemon-aid with an important cause deep and meaningful to us. We donate 10% of profits from this range to very important charities doing incredible big picture work and we’re immensely proud to provide them with these contributions so they can keep helping others. Our Daybreak Lemon-aid will contribute towards the amazing and much needed mental health support work @cornwallmind provides to our Cornish community.” ⁠⠀

To make a purchase go to /https://oakandmaple.co.uk/

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