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Miles for Minds

My story

Starting on Saturday 11th May, I am running the FULL 1,013km of South West Coastal Path to raise mental health awareness and funds for the three local Minds in Cornwall, Devon and Dorset. In January 2018, a good friend of mine, John Paul Childs, made a huge decision to take his own life and it has devastated his family and friends. Losing a friend in such heartbreaking circumstances was difficult for everyone that knew Johnno. ‘Chilos’ loved running too – his sister recently ran the London Marathon in his honour and I know he would offer to run with me to raise funds for charities that were close to his heart.

Mental health issues have added meaning to me personally because my own mother has lived with schizophrenia for most of her life so I have a personal passion to raise funds for charities dedicated to improving people’s mental health.

For each kilometer I run, I aim to raise a pound for Cornwall, Devon and Dorset local Minds so they can continue to provide the support to those most in need. £1,013 per km for each of the three = £3,039 target! Please give generously and if you can, come out and run/walk with me and let’s get people talking. You can follow my progress on both Facebook & Twitter. (Click links)

It’s OK to not be OK




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