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Bodmin Music Group

Music can be an effective and enjoyable way of helping to reduce the symptoms of numerous mental health conditions.

Music allows us to be creative and express feelings and process experiences and challenges in our everyday life. And it’s good to make music with others.

We offer 12 fortnightly sessions with the opportunity to play different genres of music with others, share ideas about music and be part of making live music.

If you don’t read music don’t worry, but you will need to be able to play your instrument independently.

What do I need? You need your instrument and a music stand if you have one. We have the music!

We also offer Open Mind Music Sessions. These sessions are an opportunity for people to come and join us to share and play their own music and meet other musicians.

When? Tuesdays 2.30 – 4.30 pm

How do I sign up?

It’s easy – just complete our Referral Form.


“I have greater confidence and feel very supported by the group and my music skills are getting better.”


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