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Rose’s Story


“Hi my name is Rose,
I decided to support our local ‘Mind’ mental health charity for a few reasons…………

Just over 2 years ago my sister and I both suffered from a breakdown, each of us experienced different reactions and recoveries. We were lucky that we had each other to talk to and we could support each other, we also had partners and families who stuck by us and helped.
Our parents have both suffered mental health issues in the past, so it’s something we have grown up with, but we found that people don’t always understand. Everyday can be a struggle, we both have grown and learnt from the experiences and feel stronger for it.
Looking back, both of us had a difficult time, being around parents with various mental health issues, so we used our hair and clothes as a way of breaking free from the struggles and making a statement about who we wanted to be.

Being that the theme for Mental Health Awareness Week this year is ‘Body Image’ it seemed appropriate to cut and style my hair in a way that illustrated how it can feel at times. Being hard and harsh and wanting to be seen as feminine and soft too, I’ve been growing my hair since the breakdown. So many friends and colleagues have been supportive of this, many who have not heard of the charity ‘Mind’ before, so it’s all worked out to be a bold step forward, regaining that inner strength, outer security and faith in the people around me.

‘Mind’ is my charity of the year, the Hair Cut event raised over £290 pounds.”



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