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Volunteer Week 2021

Volunteers’ Week takes place between the 1st – 7th June every year. It’s a chance to celebrate and say thank you for the contribution millions of volunteers make across the UK.

This is a perfect opportunity to say a huge and heartfelt thank you to all our amazing volunteers here at Cornwall Mind. 

Without our dedicated team of volunteers we could not offer the services we do or support the people that need us. The impact of those giving their time to Cornwall Mind is immeasurable.

Our volunteers tell us how much they enjoy being involved with the charity and the potential to make a real difference to people’s lives.

Many of our volunteers have experienced mental health difficulties themselves. For people with lived experience of mental health problems, volunteering can help them to develop key skills, lead to increased levels of confidence and boost their self-esteem. Opportunities can often develop or lead into paid roles.

Volunteering can help improve our mental health

Volunteering and helping others can help us feel a sense of purpose and belonging.

It provides opportunity to make new friends, and connect with our communities. 

Volunteering can also help reduce loneliness and isolation.

If we volunteer outdoors or are helping with something more strenuous, it can also help improve our physical health.

Doing good may help us to have a more positive outlook about our own circumstances.  It can also provide a welcome distraction.

Volunteering can enhance our CV, give access to quality training and offer  opportunities to learn new skills.

Current vacancies here

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