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Climbing Mount Snowdon

Father and son team, Nick and Oliver Packer, successfully climbed Mount Snowdon in under 5 hours on Saturday the 16th September.

They are passionate about raising awareness for mental health and wellbeing and decided to fundraise for Cornwall Mind.

It had rained during the night so they were a bit apprehensive, but the sky cleared and off they went.

It was so busy with lots of people climbing for different reasons and supporting different charities.

They saw lots of people take a break and some even turned back! But Nick and Oliver got to the top of the mountain super quick.

Their legs are still aching but they’re glad they did it.

They have raised over £200 and people are still kindly donating. And it’s not too late to support this fundraiser.

Heartfelt thanks to Nick and Oliver for choosing Cornwall Mind. Your support really does help make a difference, so thank you.

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