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Creative writing group benefits from poetry prize

A member from Cornwall Mind’s creative writing group, who won a prize for her poetry, has kindly donated her £50 winnings to Cornwall Mind so that others can benefit from the workshops.

Fay Warne, who took part in the Write Yourself Well workshop in 2022 was runner up for the Lisa Thomas prize in the South West Division of the Royal College of Psychiatrists Poetry Competition earlier this year.

Her winning poem, ‘From then to Now and Beyond’, emerged out of the writing sessions, run by facilitator Anne Taylor.

The sessions focus on inspiring creativity and self-care using poetry and journal writing.

Fay, who found out about the creative writing group when it was promoted by her GP surgery under the social prescribing scheme, said: ‘It felt fitting to donate my prize to the creative writing group because I’ve benefited so much from these sessions. I hope it will help open the door for others.’

Fay felt her mental health deteriorating after retiring from her job at Cornwall Council and found that writing and being part of a group and the sense of connection it brought has been very therapeutic.

‘The sessions re-enlivened my sense of creativity and I just wanted to keep going. Writing expressively in my journal is helpful and then the poetry seems to comes from nowhere – the writing opens you up and you feel surprised by what comes out.’

She also valued the sense of connection and sharing with others in the group: ‘I think everyone comes with their own dark shadow and as a result members are very respectful, supportive and open with one another.’

The six-week writing workshop has benefited nearly 50 participants since it started in 2020.



The orange flowered Buddleia
Complete with Peacock Butterflies
Rests in the little green glass jar of
Yesterday, with the hint of a
Crossword clue, not yet solved.
I look at it, and remember.
I wonder what sixteen down is?

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