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The Modern Pilgrims

A massive thank you to Julie Howlett and Brad Lorenz for their generous donation of £500!

Starting on the 1st May 2022, at Hopton-on Sea, equipped with Bertie & Brenda bicycles, Brad and Julie set off along the beautiful Beltane Ley Energy Line in search of positivity, connection and discussion about the after effects of covid and the impact on mental health.

They completed a 452 mile journey, arriving in Carn Les Boels ( 2 miles from lands end) on 11th August 2022. That’s a three and a half month cycle!

Julie said: “We had been given shelter, camping space, food and excellent conversation and discussion throughout this journey. Supporting Cornwall Mind and Mind was so apt during this transition of isolation and fear for our country. Asked if we would do another? Yes! This journey was taken via sabbatical from my job as a healthcare assistant for the NHS. We really were at survival level of living yet our mental health enjoyed the freedom and adventure. We raised funds and awareness of mental health and the need to have open discussion without feeling shame or guilt or judgement and the understanding that we are all at one time or another looking for support or able to offer support.”

We are so thankful for their commitment and passion for better mental health.

A person riding a bicycle person in a sleeping bag A person looking out to sea two people stood on a cliff after doing a challenge

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